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Who Are We, And What We Offer

As a huge part of businesses and digital innovations in our current generations, we are now in the process of transforming the way we do business. This is exactly where the reliance on cloud-based solutions are surging in number each day. Summing up this exact requirement, we as a company decided to come up with the ideal solution that will solve all of your ever-changing business needs.

What is 01 Cloud?

01Cloud started with the idea of digitizing and paving your way to a technological and digitally reliant future of your business and organization. And since our establishment, we have managed to improve the lives, productivity and efficiency of our targeted clients for the better.
01Cloud is a Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) that enables a complete development and deployment environment that contributes towards delivering any simple-cloud based applications to enterprise applications, tools and more that are now the essence of any enterprise and organization.


Through CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery), 01Cloud environment allows applications to change code or modify the structure more easily and reliably.
Any data stored in 01Cloud is backed up in a form of snapshots which means the shared platform allows easy access to those responsible without the risk of data loss.

why 01 cloud?

A partner within the cloud is the way to go if you are pursuing a hassle-free, effortless cloud PaaS that enables a smooth development and deployment environment for your future endeavours.

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