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PinCompute: Pinterest’s Kubernetes-Backed Platform for Versatile Computing Needs

Overview Pinterest is enhancing its compute platform with PinCompute, a fully managed compute API designed for various use cases. Built on Kubernetes, ...

Railyard: Accelerating Machine Learning Model Training Using Kubernetes

Stripe leverages machine learning in services like Radar and Billing, handling millions of daily predictions across diverse models trained with billions of data ...

Introducing StableBuild – freeze and pin all dependencies for enhanced stability.

Launching StableBuild – freeze and pin all your dependencies StableBuild has introduced a new set of tools aimed at assisting developers in creating ...

Free ClickHouse training

ClickHouse is offering free courses tailored to help you master its capabilities. Whether you are an experienced data professional or just embarking on your ...

Dapr Day 2024 – VIRTUAL

Participate in Dapr Day to learn all about Dapr APIs for building distributed applications and best practices to run your apps in production. 21 February 2024 | ...

Does containerization affect the performance of databases?

The trend of containerizing databases is growing, as seen in Fig.1. With databases and analytics playing a significant role in technology, a common question ...


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