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Mojo Takes a Big Leap Forward: Embracing Open Source!

Mojo Embraces Open Source: Building a Language Together

Modular is excited to announce a major milestone for Mojo, their innovative programming language: the core modules from the Mojo standard library are now open-source! This decision underscores Modular’s belief that open-source collaboration is the key to unlocking Mojo’s full potential.

Why Open Source? A Better Future Through Collaboration

Modular acknowledges the significant effort required to build a language and its supporting infrastructure. By embracing open source, they aim to harness the collective power and creativity of the developer community. This fosters a more robust and feature-rich Mojo, shaped by valuable user feedback and contributions.

Open Source Done Right: Fostering a Thriving Community

Modular isn’t just making the code available; they’re committed to cultivating a vibrant open-source ecosystem around Mojo. This commitment is reflected in several key initiatives:

  • Open Revision History: Gain insights into the evolution of the standard library and understand the development process.
  • Nightly Builds: Test your contributions against the latest compiler updates for seamless compatibility and cutting-edge development.
  • Public CI: Transparent build process allows for community scrutiny and early detection of potential issues.
  • GitHub Pull Requests: Actively participate in the development process by submitting your contributions.

The Right License for Flexibility

They chose to use Apache Licence, version 2.0. It contains a patent grant provision which provides legal protection to users and contributors of the software. The Apache 2 license with LLVM exceptions offers several advantages:

  • Patent Protection: Provides legal security for users and contributors.
  • Widespread Familiarity: A popular and well-understood license across the industry.
  • GPL Compatibility: Enables seamless integration with GPL2 code (like the Linux Kernel).
  • Modular Attribution: Use Mojo without mandatory attribution (though it’s always appreciated!).

This licensing approach reflects Modular’s experience with open-source projects and ensures maximum flexibility for developers.

A Journey of Continuous Improvement

Opening the core modules marks the beginning of an exciting journey. Modular plans to progressively release more Mojo code and parts of the MAX platform. They’re constantly learning and evolving alongside the community.

Join the Mojo Movement

Interested in contributing to Mojo? Head over to the Mojo GitHub repository on the nightly branch and explore the standard library’s file. It provides crucial resources for potential contributors, including:

Significant contributions to the standard library can earn you exclusive swag and other exciting benefits!

Nightly Builds and Version Control History

Experiment with the latest Mojo compiler developments with the newly available nightly builds. This allows you to stay ahead of the curve and test your contributions against the most recent code. Additionally, Modular is releasing the version control history for the standard library, offering valuable insights into feature evolution and development context.

By embracing open source, Modular is paving the way for a collaborative future for Mojo. With a thriving developer community and a commitment to transparency, Mojo is poised to become a leading force in the programming language landscape.

Modular welcomes your participation in building a vibrant and thriving Mojo community!

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