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Overusing getters and setters

Encapsulation is used to hide the values or state of a structured data object, preventing unauthorized parties’ direct access to them. In Golang there is no by ...

Avoid any Type in TS (anti-pattern)

What are types in TS? Types in TS helps us understand what methods & properties are associated with a given value/variable in a program that can help us ...

Variable Shadowing in Go

As a part of this blog post, I will try to explain about variable shadowing and how to avoid it. In programming, scope of variable defines to the places a ...

Interface on producer side

Interfaces are used to create common abstractions that multiple objects can implement. Before delving into this topic, let’s make sure the terms we use ...

Utility Types in TypeScript

What are utility Types? In TypeScript, utility types are built-in types that allow you to manipulate and transform existing types. They can be used to extract, ...

Stripe Payment with Golang

In this blog post, I will discussed on the topic of stripe payment integration with Golang. Before that i will give brief introduction about this and move head ...


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