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AI in DevOps: A New Era of Software Development

Date : June 19
Time : 11.00 am ET

The pressure on DevOps and software teams to deliver innovative, high-quality software at a faster pace is greater than ever before. The advent of AI/ML and generative AI is transforming the software development lifecycle, from AI-augmented code copilots to enhanced software quality and testing, to embedding DevSecOps throughout the software pipeline and analyzing the impact of changes in the CI/CD process. But are your DevOps, QA, software, and operations teams fully harnessing the benefits AI delivers today and the continued advancements it promises for the future?

Join Us for a Special Live Edition of DevOps Unbound Roundtable!

Get ready for an exciting deep dive into the world of AI in DevOps! In this special live edition of the DevOps Unbound Roundtable, our panel of experts in DevOps, development, and AI will explore how AI is revolutionizing DevOps practices. Drawing on insights from Techstrong Research’s comprehensive 2024 report, “AI-Augmented DevOps,” we will unveil how AI is not just an addition to DevOps but a transformative force reshaping the entire field.

Why You Can’t Miss This Event

AI is already making waves in the DevOps world, and this session is your chance to understand its full impact. Whether you’re a DevOps engineer, QA specialist, software developer, or operations manager, this roundtable will provide you with invaluable insights into the future of software development and deployment.

What You Will Learn

AI-Augmented DevOps: A Leap Forward

Discover how AI represents a quantum leap in the way we develop and deploy software. Our experts will break down the concept of AI-Augmented DevOps, highlighting its potential to revolutionize workflows, enhance productivity, and ensure higher software quality.

Exclusive Insights from the AI-Augmented DevOps 2024 Report

Gain access to exclusive highlights and findings from Techstrong Research’s groundbreaking 2024 report. This comprehensive study provides a detailed look at how AI is being integrated into DevOps practices and the profound effects it is having on the industry.

Integrating AI and Machine Learning into DevOps

Our panel will delve into how AI and machine learning technologies are being seamlessly integrated into DevOps processes to drive efficiency, innovation, and quality. Learn about the tools and techniques that are making a real difference in software development and testing.

Practical Advice for Immediate Benefits

Get actionable advice on how to start integrating AI technologies into your DevOps practices today. Our experts will share practical tips and strategies that you can implement immediately to gain transformative benefits.

The Future of AI in DevOps

Look ahead at the emerging trends and future impacts of AI on DevOps. Understand how AI will continue to evolve and influence job roles, workflows, and organizational strategies. Prepare yourself and your team for what’s next in this rapidly changing landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding AI-Augmented DevOps: Learn how AI represents a leap forward in software development and deployment.
  • Insights from the AI-Augmented DevOps 2024 Report: Exclusive highlights and findings from our comprehensive report.
  • Integrating AI and Machine Learning: Discover how these technologies are transforming DevOps practices.
  • Practical Advice for Immediate Benefits: Implement AI technologies in your DevOps practices for transformative results.
  • Future of AI in DevOps: Explore emerging trends and prepare for the future of AI in the industry.

Don’t Miss Out!

Join us for this special live edition of the DevOps Unbound Roundtable and be part of the conversation that’s shaping the future of DevOps. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, improve your current practices, or simply learn more about the exciting intersection of AI and DevOps, this session is for you.

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