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Get Ahead with AKS Networking: Learn from Microsoft and Calico Gurus

Date : June 6
Time : 10.00 am PST

In the rapidly evolving world of cloud computing and container orchestration, mastering Kubernetes networking is crucial for ensuring the security, efficiency, and scalability of your applications. We are excited to invite you to an exclusive AKS networking workshop, where you will have the opportunity to work alongside Microsoft Azure and Calico experts. This immersive 90-minute hands-on lab is tailored to help you design, configure, deploy, and secure your Kubernetes network across single and multi-cluster environments using Standard Linux, eBPF, and Windows dataplanes.

Workshop Overview

Our workshop is designed to provide you with practical, in-depth knowledge and skills. By participating, you’ll gain hands-on experience with your own provisioned Calico Cloud and a sample application environment, ensuring that you can directly apply what you learn to your own projects.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Networking Options Across Dataplanes:
    • Explore the diverse networking options available across Standard Linux, eBPF, and Windows dataplanes. Understand the strengths and use cases of each to make informed decisions about your Kubernetes network design.
  2. Addressing IP Exhaustion and Encrypting Data-in-Transit:
    • Learn strategies to effectively manage IP exhaustion issues, a common challenge in dynamic Kubernetes environments. Discover techniques to encrypt data-in-transit, enhancing the security and compliance of your network.
  3. Authoring and Enforcing Workload-Level Network Policies:
    • Gain the skills to create and enforce network policies at the workload level. This is essential for maintaining a secure and organized network, ensuring that only authorized traffic flows between your applications and services.

Why Attend?

  • Expert Guidance:
    • Benefit from the expertise of professionals from Microsoft Azure and Calico. Their insights and real-world experience will provide you with a deep understanding of AKS networking complexities and best practices.
  • Hands-On Learning:
    • Engage in practical exercises using a provisioned Calico Cloud environment and sample application. This hands-on approach ensures that you can directly implement the concepts and techniques covered in the workshop.
  • Personalized Attention:
    • To ensure a high-quality learning experience, we have limited the number of participants. This allows for more interactive sessions and personalized support from the instructors.

Workshop Details

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Format: Hands-on lab
  • Provisioned Environment: Each participant will receive access to their own Calico Cloud environment and a sample application to work with.

Secure Your Spot

Spaces are limited to ensure that each participant receives adequate attention and support. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your Kubernetes networking skills and elevate your understanding of AKS. Register now to secure your spot in this comprehensive workshop.


Networking is a critical component of any Kubernetes environment, and mastering it can significantly impact the performance and security of your applications. This workshop is an invaluable opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain hands-on experience with the latest networking technologies and best practices. Join us to elevate your skills and ensure your Kubernetes networks are robust, secure, and efficient.

Sign up now and take the next step in your Kubernetes networking journey!

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