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ngrok Dev Roundtable Explores Latest Kubernetes

Calling all Kubernetes enthusiasts! We are excited to invite you to our upcoming monthly Developer Roundtable. This month, we’ll be diving deep into the latest updates to the ngrok Kubernetes Operator, including its groundbreaking support for the Kubernetes Gateway API.

What to Expect:

  • Live Updates: I’ll be your guide as we explore the newest features and functionalities of the ngrok Kubernetes Operator.
  • Expert Insights: Joining me will be Salil Subbakrishna, Senior Product Manager at ngrok. Salil will provide a live demonstration showcasing the power of these updates in action.
  • Interactive Q&A: After the demo, we’ll open the floor for your questions! No matter what’s on your mind about ngrok, the Kubernetes Gateway API, or anything else Kubernetes-related, this is your chance to get expert insights directly from the source.

Why Attend?

  • Stay ahead of the curve: Learn about the latest advancements in the ngrok Kubernetes Operator and the Kubernetes Gateway API.
  • See it in action: Witness firsthand how these updates can streamline your development workflows.
  • Get your questions answered: Engage directly with ngrok experts and the developer community.

Ready to join the conversation?

Register here

Date & Time: Tuesday, April 30th at 10:00 AM PT (Don’t miss out!)

We look forward to seeing you there!

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