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Never Pay for Unused Resources Again: Automate with nOps

Date : May 30
Time : 9-10 am PST

Who likes paying for something they don’t use? We certainly don’t! Many resources in cloud environments don’t need to run all the time. If you’ve ever wanted to put resources on a schedule but never found the time to do it, this session is perfect for you.

Key Features of nOps Scheduler

1. Automated Resource Management nOps Scheduler simplifies the process of identifying which resources can be scheduled based on their usage patterns. This feature allows you to automatically start and stop unused resources, reducing waste and optimizing costs effortlessly.

2. Utilization-Based Scheduling nOps Scheduler leverages historical utilization data to create precise scheduling recommendations. This ensures that resources are allocated optimally, running only when necessary and saving costs by avoiding idle times.

3. Seamless Integration with Event Bridge and Slack Enhance your operational responsiveness by integrating nOps Scheduler with Event Bridge for scheduled actions. Additionally, Slack integration allows you to easily restart resources as needed, ensuring that your operations remain smooth and uninterrupted.

4. Advanced Scheduling Techniques Explore various advanced scheduling methods to suit different needs:

  • Schedule by Tag: Customize scheduling based on specific tags to manage different resource types effectively.
  • Workload-Based Scheduling: Adjust schedules according to the workload, ensuring resources are available when needed most.
  • Environment-Specific Recommendations: Tailor schedules for specific environments such as Test, Dev, and UAT, ensuring that resources are managed according to their specific usage patterns.

Join Us for an Interactive Session

In this session, you’ll learn how to set up scheduling to streamline your operations and reduce costs. Our interactive approach will guide you through:

  • How nOps Scheduler Works: Understand the “set it and forget it” method to manage your resources efficiently.
  • Utilization-Based Scheduling: See how nOps uses historical data to recommend the best schedules for your resources.
  • Event Bridge and Slack Integration: Learn how to integrate these tools to enhance your operational efficiency.
  • Advanced Scheduling Techniques: Discover various methods to schedule resources effectively based on tags, workloads, and specific environments.

Join us to gain insights into how you can optimize resource utilization, reduce unnecessary costs, and streamline your operations with nOps Scheduler.

Sign up now and take control of your resource scheduling!

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