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Build Scalable Apps for Free: Interactive ScyllaDB Workshop

Master the Power of NoSQL for Scalable Applications

Join ScyllaDB Labs for a free, two-hour virtual workshop where you’ll gain hands-on experience building high-performance applications using ScyllaDB, a leading NoSQL database.

In this interactive session, you’ll:

  • Discover the NoSQL strategies employed by top teams and apply them in a supportive, guided environment.
  • Work with sample applications to learn key features and best practices for maximizing the potential of ScyllaDB in your own projects.
  • Explore real-world use cases to determine if ScyllaDB is the right fit for your specific needs.
  • Gain insights into achieving and maintaining low-latency NoSQL at scale.
  • Learn how to effectively model your data from a developer’s perspective.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Developers and engineers seeking to build high-performance applications.
  • Those interested in exploring NoSQL solutions for their projects.
  • Anyone curious about ScyllaDB’s capabilities and how to get started.

No prior experience with ScyllaDB is required!

Here’s a breakdown of the workshop agenda:

  • Welcome (9:30-9:35 AM IST)
  • ScyllaDB in Action: Core Concepts (9:35-10:30 AM IST)
  • The Developer Perspective: How to Model Your Data (10:30-11:15 AM IST)
  • Hands-on Lab: Working with ScyllaDB (11:15-11:30 AM IST)

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to:

  • Level up your NoSQL skills through practical exercises.
  • Learn from ScyllaDB experts and get your questions answered.
  • Experience the power of ScyllaDB firsthand by building your own sample application.

Register now and take the first step towards building faster, more scalable applications!

Please Note:

  • A Chrome browser is required to join the workshop platform.
  • A free ScyllaDB Cloud account and a free ScyllaDB University account are necessary for the hands-on lab portion.
  • There will be no on-demand recording available for this workshop.

Ready to join?

  • Select your country and job role from the dropdown menus.
  • Choose your level of experience with ScyllaDB.
  • Review the attendee prerequisites and register!

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