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Ship Faster, Ship Safer: ngrok & Linkerd for Kubernetes

Webinar Thursday, May 2nd, 1 pm ET

Building secure, reliable, and performant applications in Kubernetes goes beyond just writing code. Developers need to manage traffic, security, and communication between services. This is where ngrok and Linkerd come in.

Streamline Development with ngrok

Ngrok simplifies networking tasks for developers in Kubernetes environments. Its global network lets you manage incoming traffic without complex configuration. ngrok handles:

  • Networking: Eliminate the need to write code for routing and port forwarding.
  • DNS: Get unique URLs for your services accessible from anywhere.
  • Certificates: Automatic certificate management removes manual setup hassles.
  • NAT Traversal: Ngrok works seamlessly even behind Network Address Translation (NAT).

Linkerd: Secure Service Mesh for Microservices

Linkerd provides a service mesh for Kubernetes, ensuring secure communication between your microservices. A service mesh takes care of:

  • East-West Traffic Management: Linkerd efficiently routes traffic between services within your cluster.
  • Security: Enforce strong authentication and authorization policies for service communication.

Boost Your Development Velocity

By combining ngrok’s ingress platform with Linkerd’s service mesh, developers can:

  • Ship Faster: Focus on building features instead of infrastructure headaches.
  • Frictionless Services: Deliver applications with seamless traffic management and security.

Join the Free Techstrong Learning Experience!

This live webinar will showcase how ngrok and Linkerd work together. See a live demo that tackles common challenges in Kubernetes development, including:

  • Security
  • Observability
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Resilience

Register now and learn how to empower your developers to build and ship amazing applications faster!

Reference to the Article- TechStrong

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