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GNOME 46 Released: Packed with New Features

GNOME, the popular desktop environment, has released its latest version, GNOME 46, codenamed “Kathmandu.” This update brings a wave of exciting new features and improvements across various applications, making your user experience smoother and more efficient.

Find Anything, Fast:

  • A brand new global search feature is now available in the Files app. Simply hit the search button or use the shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+F” to search across all your configured locations. No more hunting through folders! This feature leverages GNOME’s existing search capabilities, including searching file contents and filtering by type and date.
  • You can even search multiple locations simultaneously, keeping your work organized.

Enhanced File Management:

  • GNOME 46 brings a significant upgrade to the Files app, addressing user feedback on long-running operations.
  • A new dynamic progress section keeps you informed about the status of your file transfers and operations.
  • Experience a smoother workflow with performance improvements, like instantaneous switching between list and grid views.
  • Additional enhancements include:
    • Search within Files preferences
    • Detailed date and time display options
    • Location entry on click in the file path area
    • Starred favorites identified visually in grid view
    • Improved network discovery for more available devices

Upgraded Online Accounts with OneDrive Support:

  • GNOME 46 introduces support for Microsoft OneDrive! Set up your Microsoft 365 account and access your OneDrive directly from the Files sidebar, alongside your local files and folders.

Remote Login with RDP:

  • The remote desktop experience gets a boost with a new dedicated remote login option. This allows you to connect remotely to an idle GNOME system and configure the display from the remote side for a better user experience.

Streamlined Settings App:

  • The Settings app receives a comprehensive update in GNOME 46, focusing on improved navigation and ease of use.
  • A new “System” section groups preferences for frequently used settings.
  • Consolidated Apps settings make finding the options you need a breeze.

Enhanced Touchpad Experience:

  • GNOME 46 expands touchpad settings with two new options:
    • “Secondary Click” lets you configure how you perform right-clicks, with options for two-finger taps or corner clicks.
    • “Disable Touchpad While Typing” allows for combining touchpad movement with key presses if needed for certain apps and games.

Accessibility Improvements:

  • Accessibility remains a major focus in GNOME 46 with enhancements in various areas, particularly for the Orca screen reader:
    • Modernization efforts pave the way for improved performance, reliability, and future compatibility.
    • A new sleep mode allows temporary Orca disabling.
    • New commands enable Orca to report system status.
    • Table navigation is significantly improved.
    • Experimental support for Spiel, a next-generation speech synthesis API, is available for testing.

These are just a few of the many exciting new features in GNOME 46. With a focus on search, file management, remote access, and accessibility, GNOME 46 offers a more efficient and user-friendly desktop experience.

Reference to the Article- GNOME

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