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HITRUST 2024 Update: Stronger Security, Simpler Compliance

HITRUST, a leader in information security and compliance, recently announced a significant update to its renowned framework. Version 11.3.0 of the HITRUST Framework (HITRUST CSF®) bolsters its position as a comprehensive and up-to-date solution for organizations navigating today’s complex cybersecurity landscape.

What is the HITRUST Framework?

The HITRUST Framework stands as a robust, scalable, and user-friendly solution for managing information risk, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance. Designed for global applicability across industries, it empowers organizations to build trust with stakeholders by demonstrating adherence to industry-leading security standards.

What’s New in Version 11.3.0?

This update delivers several key enhancements:

  • Expanded Regulatory Coverage: The addition of FedRAMP, StateRAMP, and TX-RAMP authoritative sources simplifies compliance for government contractors.

  • Enhanced CUI Protections: Integration with NIST SP 800-172 strengthens safeguards for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), particularly valuable for high-risk organizations.

  • CMMC Level 3 Preparation: The framework lays the groundwork for meeting stringent CMMC Level 3 requirements based on NIST standards.

  • AI Security Mitigations: Incorporation of MITRE Adversarial Threat Landscape for Artificial-Intelligence Systems (MITRE ATLAS) offers critical security guidance for AI systems.

  • Streamlined Assessments: Reduced redundancy in requirements minimizes the workload for organizations pursuing HITRUST certification.

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Stay Ahead of Regulations: HITRUST CSF v11.3.0 integrates the latest industry standards, ensuring your organization remains compliant with evolving regulations.
  • Adapting to Cyber Threats: The inclusion of cutting-edge resources like NIST SP 800-172 and MITRE ATLAS equips you to address ever-changing cyber threats.
  • Increased Efficiency: Streamlined assessments minimize time and effort needed for HITRUST certification, without compromising control coverage.

Transitioning to the New Version

HITRUST offers a smooth transition for ongoing certifications. While new e1 and i1 assessments will follow v11.3.0, existing assessments under v11.2.0 can continue.

Get Started with Enhanced Security

Download HITRUST CSF v11.3.0 from the HITRUST website to leverage its improved protections and efficiencies.

Learn More:

For full details and to download the framework, visit the HITRUST Framework page.

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