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Top 7 YouTube Channels for Product Managers

Learning product management (PM) can feel expensive, but guess what? YouTube is bursting with free resources! The hard part is finding the good stuff. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 awesome YouTube channels every PM should check out:

1. Get Inspired & Learn from the Best: 

Dan Olsen (@DanOlsen) interviews top PM book authors, offering insightful talks you won’t want to miss.

2. Hear from the Pros: 

Lenny’s Podcast (@LennysPodcast) features interviews with PM leaders from leading tech companies. Get insider tips straight from the source!

3. Connect with a Global PM Community: 

Mind the Product (@MindtheProductTV) boasts a massive library of videos (over 600!) from meetups, conferences, and more. It’s like a PM goldmine!

4. Master the Basics: 

Strategyzer (@Strategyzer) is your go-to for the early stages of product development. Learn how to create a winning business model and craft a perfect value proposition.

6. Grow Your Product with Product-Led Growth:

 ProducTea with Leah (@productea) dives deep into Product-Led Growth with actionable advice from experts like Wes Bush and Elena Verna.

7. Agile Made Easy: 

Agile State of Mind (@AgileStateofMind) makes learning Agile methodologies fun with clear videos and interviews by the experienced Maria Chec.

8. From Idea to Reality: 

The Right It (@AlbertoSavoiaVideos) equips you with the tools to turn your product ideas into reality. Learn about ideation, testing, and working with data.

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