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Crossplane v1.16 Delivers Enhanced Manageability and Developer Experience

Crossplane is excited to announce the release of v1.16.0! This latest version focuses on stability, performance, and empowering the developer community. Let’s dive into the highlights:

Community Engagement Soars!

v1.16 boasts a record number of first-time contributors, demonstrating the project’s growing community involvement. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed for the first time, and to our returning developers! Special recognition goes to @dalton-hill-0 and @TerjeLafton for their significant design contributions. We look forward to seeing even more participation as we invest in contributor enablement.

Enhanced Manageability with New Metrics

Crossplane providers can now export detailed metrics about managed resources. This allows you to gain valuable insights like:

  • Number of resources managed
  • Resource readiness and sync status
  • Reconciliation times
  • Time taken to detect and update out-of-sync resources

These metrics, available through the upjet framework and major cloud provider packages, provide a clearer picture of your control plane’s health.

Faster Resource Cleanup

The Usage API prevents accidental deletion of in-use resources. However, cleanup could be slow, especially in ephemeral environments. v1.16 introduces the replayDeletion field on the Usage object. When set to true, the deletion attempt is replayed immediately after the Usage is gone, bypassing long back-off delays. This significantly speeds up resource cleanup.

Empowering Composition Functions

Composition Functions have become a powerful tool for building complex resource pipelines. v1.16 allows these functions to securely access credentials stored in Kubernetes secrets. This enables authentication for external API calls, further enhancing the capabilities of composition pipelines.

Improved Developer Experience

This release prioritizes developer experience with numerous improvements to the Crossplane CLI. These fixes were largely driven by community feedback, highlighting the valuable role users play in shaping the project. We encourage everyone to continue contributing through the DevEx tracking epic (#SIG-DevEx) on GitHub.

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