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Elevate Your Skills with Microsoft’s Free Courses for 2024!

Dive into a world of limitless learning opportunities with Microsoft’s curated selection of free courses designed to sharpen your IT skills and propel your career forward. Whether you’re delving into Azure fundamentals or exploring the power of AI, these courses offer invaluable insights and hands-on experience to help you stay ahead in today’s dynamic tech landscape. Check out our top picks below and embark on your journey towards mastery! 🎓

1. Azure Data Fundamentals: Explore non-relational data with Microsoft’s comprehensive course.

2. Azure SQL Fundamentals: Master the fundamentals of Azure SQL with this essential course.

3. Power BI: Learn to create and use analytics reports with Power BI.

4. Azure Cosmos DB: Harness the power of Azure Cosmos DB for your database needs.

5. AI Fundamentals: Create no-code predictive models with Azure Machine Learning.

6. Introduction to Machine Learning: Get started with machine learning essentials.

7. Fundamental AI Concept : Get to know the fundamentals of AI Concepts.

8. AI Concepts: Dive into the fundamentals of AI concepts.

9. Generative AI: Explore the basics of generative AI.

10. Computer Vision: Analyze images with computer vision technology.

11. Responsible AI: Delve into the ethical considerations of AI.

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