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Securing the Ballot: Safeguarding Digital Voting Systems for Tomorrow

  • Date : Sep 10 2024
  • Time : 8.30 pm
  • Presenters : Dan Lohrmann, Presidio; Earl Duby, Auxiom

With elections on the horizon and memories of past voting controversies fresh, the spotlight is on the security of digital voting booths. Ensuring the integrity of our democracy hinges on a secure voting system and public trust in its safety. Yet, concerns about cyber threats persist. Despite these challenges, digital voting remains the most efficient and accessible option available. How can we bolster its security and inspire confidence? What does a truly secure ballot box entail? Let’s explore the path to a modernized and reliable voting system for future elections.

Election Security Concerns

With a new election around the corner and last election’s voting dramas still in our minds, security concerns around digital voting booths are at an all-time high. Not only does a democracy require a secure voting system to function at all, but the voting public must be able to feel confident that the election has been handled safely and honestly. Without this trust, our nation’s public institutions could find themselves vulnerable.

The Persistent Need for Digital Voting:

Despite concerns about criminal interference, a software-powered ballot box remains the most efficient and accessible form of voting that we have – and one that doesn’t look like it will go away any time soon. So how can we strengthen this system and foster confidence in the voting system?

Strengthening Confidence:

What does a truly secure ballot box look like? And is this something that should be modernized or improved upon for future elections? Achieving a secure and reliable digital voting system requires a concerted effort from government authorities, election officials, cybersecurity experts, and technology vendors. By prioritizing security and transparency, we can bolster the integrity of elections and uphold the democratic values upon which our society is built.

Join hosts Dan Lohrmann and Earl Duby in this election-themed episode of CISO Insights, to hear them and their expert guests take a sharp look at defending the ballot box.

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