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Mastering Terraform: Workshop for Infrastructure Automation

  • When: May 16
  • Time: 1:00PM SGT / 10:30AM IST (Virtual)

Standardize Infrastructure Automation with Terraform

1. Single Workflow for Provisioning
Terraform offers organizations a unified approach to automate the provisioning of their infrastructure across various environments, including cloud, private datacenters, and SaaS platforms. This single workflow streamlines the process of infrastructure deployment and management, providing consistency and efficiency.

2. Continuous Lifecycle Management
With Terraform, organizations can continuously manage their infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. This includes not only provisioning resources but also updating, modifying, and decommissioning them as needed. By automating these tasks, Terraform helps maintain infrastructure health, security, and compliance over time.

Key Learning Points:

  • Migrate OSS infrastructure seamlessly to cloud or enterprise environments using Terraform.
  • Implement robust security measures and role-based access controls (RBACs) with Terraform.
  • Integrate Terraform with version control systems (VCS) for efficient policy enforcement and infrastructure management.
  • Foster collaboration and teamwork by leveraging Terraform and VCS platforms for collaborative development.
  • Explore advanced Terraform concepts like modules and API integration for modular infrastructure design and automation.

Terraform Hands-On Workshop

Join HashiCorp for a hands-on workshop focused on Terraform, where participants will learn how to leverage infrastructure as code (IaC) principles to provision and manage infrastructure effectively. By attending the workshop, participants will gain practical experience in using Terraform to automate infrastructure tasks and achieve greater agility and scalability across their organization.

Register Now : HashiCorp Terraform Cloud on AWS Hands-on Workshop

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