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May 14th: It’s Google I/O Time!

As developers, staying up-to-date with Google Play and Android policy changes is crucial. This blog post highlights the essential deadlines for 14th May 2024, 1:30 PM PT to ensure your apps remain compliant and accessible to users.

Focus on these key areas:

  1. Subscription Management: (Deadline: May 31st, 2024)
    • All apps offering subscriptions must leverage monetization.subscriptions APIs to manage their subscription catalogs. This ensures a unified and streamlined experience for users.
    Action Required: If you haven’t already, integrate the monetization.subscriptions APIs into your app by the deadline to avoid potential disruptions.

  1. Limited Use of USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT Permission:
    • Google Play will implement new limitations on the USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT permission. This aims to enhance user privacy and control over their app experience.
    Action Required: Stay tuned for the official announcement regarding the specific limitations on this permission. Be prepared to adjust your app’s functionality if necessary.

  1. Health Apps Policy Update:
    • New requirements will be introduced for apps categorized as “health apps” These may include specific data handling practices or user interface elements to ensure transparency and user trust.
    Action Required: Review the upcoming policy updates for health apps to ensure your app adheres to the new guidelines before the deadline.

  1. User Data Deletion for Data Safety:
    • Developers who received an extension to comply with the User Data policy must now implement data deletion options
    within the Data safety section of their app listing. This empowers users with control over their personal information.Action Required: If you received an extension for the User Data policy, prioritize adding data deletion options to your app’s Data Safety section before the extended deadline.

Staying Ahead of the Curve:

Remember, these are just the highlights for May 2024. For the latest and most comprehensive information, visit the official Google Play policies website: By staying informed and taking proactive measures, you can ensure your apps remain compliant and continue to thrive on Google Play.

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