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Cloud-Native SecurityCon: Collaboration with Innovation

Unlock the future of security at CloudNativeSecurityCon! Join us for two days of collaboration, insights, and breakthroughs as we dive into cutting-edge cloud native security projects. From secure software development to supply chain security, explore the latest advancements and tackle tomorrow’s challenges head-on!

What to expect :

  • Meet: Engage in face-to-face problem-solving, discussions, and collaboration with industry peers and experts.
  • Learn: Stay updated with the latest trends and insights in Security Education, Teaming, Detections, Incidents, Response, Architecture, Identity, Multi-tenancy, Isolation, Supply Chains, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).
  • Access: Interact with cloud native security experts who will provide guidance on utilizing projects, solutions, and cutting-edge case studies to address security challenges and opportunities effectively.
  • Accelerate: Gain a competitive advantage by learning about innovative cloud native security solutions that can enhance your organization’s security posture.
  • Discover: Explore the projects and initiatives undertaken by industry-leading companies, gaining insights into the direction of technology and security advancements.
  • Explore: Uncover potential career opportunities with some of the world’s leading technology companies, networking with professionals and recruiters in the field.

Ready to get your Mind Blow Away

  • Signed contracts must be received by May 31st 2024
  • Can contact Kimberly Long if need additional information

Register Here

Join on 26th and 27th June 2024

We look forward to see you there!!

Reference to the Article- CNSCon

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