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Introducing Ion: A Faster, More Flexible Engine for SST Apps

GitHub – sst/ion: ❍ — a new engine for SST

Deploy your SST applications in record time with Ion!

This new engine leverages Pulumi and Terraform for:

  • Blazing-fast deployments: Experience 10x faster deploys compared to previous methods.
  • Effortless multi-region support: Deploy your apps across multiple regions with ease.
  • Cyclical dependencies? No more! Ion eliminates cyclical dependency issues.
  • Say goodbye to stacks and limits: Deploy without stack restrictions or resource limitations.
  • CDK and npm conflicts? A thing of the past: Ion avoids conflicts often seen with CDK and npm packages.
  • Embrace the future: Deploy on non-AWS providers with native support.

Ready to learn more? Watch Video!

Reference- SST

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