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GreptimeDB v0.8: Unleash the Power of Continuous Aggregation with the Flow Engine

GreptimeDB takes a significant leap forward with the release of v0.8, introducing the revolutionary Flow Engine! This innovative feature empowers you to perform real-time, stream-based aggregation computations, unlocking valuable insights from your time-series data.

Continuous Aggregation Made Simple

The Flow Engine streamlines how you analyze your data. It allows you to continuously calculate and materialize aggregate information, such as sums, averages, or other statistical measures, over defined time windows. This eliminates the need for complex manual calculations or batch processing, providing you with up-to-the-minute insights.

Effortless Workflow

GreptimeDB v0.8 makes it easy to leverage the Flow Engine. You can define flow tasks using simple SQL statements. Imagine you have a table named my_source_table and want to continuously track statistical counts in five-minute windows. Here’s how you would achieve this:


OUTPUT TO my_sink_table
COMMENT = "My first flow in GreptimeDB"
SELECT count(item)
FROM my_source_table
GROUP BY tumble(time_index, INTERVAL '5 minutes', '2024-05-20 00:00:00');

This code snippet creates a flow task named my_flow that calculates the count of items within five-minute intervals and stores the results in the my_sink_table table.

Seamless User Experience on the Horizon

The next release of GreptimeDB will further enhance the user experience by automatically creating sink tables, eliminating the need for manual setup.

Beyond Flow Engine: A Feature-Packed Update

v0.8 isn’t just about the Flow Engine. Here are some other exciting additions:

  • Effortless Column Type Modification: Modify column data types within tables without rebuilding or manually migrating data.
  • Enhanced Cluster Management: Gain valuable insights into your cluster’s health using the new cluster_info table in the information_schema.
  • Support for Append-Only Tables: Create tables specifically designed for write-once scenarios, ideal for storing log data or other immutable datasets.
  • Streamlined Database Deletion: Utilize the new DROP DATABASE statement to swiftly remove entire database instances.
  • Performance Optimization: Experience significant reductions in Prometheus Remote Write protocol parsing overhead.
  • Advanced Partitioning Options: Explore new table partitioning methods and syntax for future scalability needs.
  • Distributed Query Analysis: Analyze and optimize complex distributed queries using EXPLAIN ANALYZE <QUERY>.

Upgrade and Explore the Future

Upgrading to v0.8 from previous versions requires downtime due to the significant changes. To ensure a smooth transition, our official upgrade tool is recommended.

The future of GreptimeDB is promising! Our roadmap leads towards v0.9, introducing the Log Engine – a specialized storage solution designed for efficient log storage and retrieval. Stay tuned for even more powerful features and seamless integration between metrics and logs.

Greptime: Unlocking the Value of Time-Series Data

Greptime is dedicated to empowering businesses that generate massive amounts of time-series data, such as those in the Connected Vehicles (CV), IoT, and Observability industries.

Ready to harness the power of GreptimeDB and the Flow Engine? Visit our website to get started and unlock the hidden value within your data!

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