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Celebrating 10 Years of Kubernetes: Google Podcast with Tim Hockin & Kelsey Hightower

The very first commit for Kubernetes on GitHub happened on June 6th, 2014. Kubernetes didn’t happen overnight. It started at Google to tackle the challenges of managing containerized applications at scale.

  • Container Complexity: Managing large deployments of lightweight, portable containers across multiple machines was difficult.
  • Need for Orchestration: Manually handling deployment, scaling, and management of containers was cumbersome.
  • Kubernetes Emerges: Google engineers created Kubernetes as an open-source system to automate container deployment, scaling, and management.

In essence, Kubernetes was designed to simplify the management of containerized applications by providing an automated orchestration platform.

Don’t miss this milestone episode of the Google Kubernetes Podcast! Tim Hockin and Kelsey Hightower discuss a decade of Kubernetes innovation and its continued impact.

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