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Scale Without Limits: Unveiling ScyllaDB’s New Tablets Architecture

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Are you struggling to manage unpredictable traffic spikes in your database? Do you crave a more operationally simple and efficient solution? Then you won’t want to miss ScyllaDB’s upcoming webinar, ScyllaDB Fast Forward: True Elastic Scale.

What You’ll Learn:

This webinar will delve into ScyllaDB’s latest innovation: the tablets architecture. This groundbreaking technology, built upon a multi-year effort to implement and extend the Raft consensus protocol, promises a new era of:

  • Elasticity: Scale your database effortlessly to handle traffic surges without overprovisioning resources.
  • Speed: Experience blazing-fast performance with concurrent and rapid bootstrapping of new nodes.
  • Simplicity: Streamline your cluster administration with features like automated cleanup, repair, and garbage collection.
  • Efficiency: Eliminate overprovisioning and maximize resource utilization.

Join the Webinar:

Date: June 27th


  • 10:00 AM PT
  • 1:00 PM ET
  • 5:00 PM GMT

Speaker: Dor Laor, Co-founder of ScyllaDB

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how ScyllaDB’s tablets architecture can revolutionize your database scalability and operational efficiency. Register now!

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