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Mastering NoSQL: Transitioning from SQL with Ease

Date : May 23 2024
Time : 10am PT | 1pm ET | 5pm GMT

Transitioning from SQL to NoSQL databases entails embracing a paradigm shift in database management. Developers need to understand the flexibility, scalability, and schema-less nature of NoSQL databases, as well as the diverse data models and querying mechanisms they employ. Data modeling in NoSQL emphasizes application-specific requirements and denormalization techniques, while mastering query languages and indexing strategies is crucial for efficient data retrieval. Consistency, scalability, and performance considerations, along with familiarity with NoSQL tooling and ecosystem, are essential for optimizing NoSQL database usage. By embracing these concepts and technologies, developers can harness the full potential of NoSQL databases to build scalable, flexible, and resilient applications in today’s data-driven landscape.

Topics that will be covered

  • Common issues getting up and running with the monitoring stack
  • Using the CQL optimizations dashboard
  • Common issues causing high latency in a node
  • Common issues causing replica imbalance
  • What a healthy system looks like in terms of memory
  • Key metrics to keep an eye on

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