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Discover the Power of Service Meshes and API Gateways with Buoyant and Ambassador

Date : May 23
Time : 10am CST

In the rapidly evolving world of cloud-native applications, understanding the nuances of service meshes and API gateways is crucial for ensuring robust, scalable, and reliable infrastructure. Join us as Buoyant’s Tech Evangelist, Flynn, and Ambassador’s Senior Software Engineer, Alice Wasko, delve into this intricate landscape. In their comprehensive Tech Talk, Flynn and Alice will explore how to seamlessly integrate the Edge Stack API Gateway with Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd, providing your applications with unmatched resilience and reliability.

Seamless Integration for Optimal Performance

Flynn and Alice will demonstrate the frictionless process of getting the Edge Stack API Gateway and Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd up and running together. By combining these two powerful tools, you can enhance both end-user requests and service-to-service application calls. The session will guide you through the intricacies of integration, ensuring that your infrastructure benefits from advanced capabilities such as rate limiting, retries, and timeouts.

Best Practices for Maximum Resilience

One of the highlights of this Tech Talk is the discussion on best practices and common pitfalls related to building resilient systems. Flynn and Alice will share their insights on how to configure and optimize your service mesh and API gateway to handle various failure scenarios gracefully. You’ll learn how to avoid common antipatterns and implement strategies that enhance the reliability and robustness of your applications.

The Synergy of Service Meshes and API Gateways

The Tech Talk will also address the long-standing debate of “Service Mesh vs. API Gateway.” Flynn and Alice will argue that it’s not a matter of choosing one over the other, but rather understanding when and how to use both effectively. They will explain the distinct roles each plays in your architecture and how they can complement each other to create a seamless, efficient, and resilient production infrastructure.

Detailed Product Overviews and Complementary Benefits

Flynn and Alice will provide detailed overviews of both the Edge Stack API Gateway and Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd. They will discuss the unique features and benefits of each product, and how they work together to enhance your infrastructure. By the end of the session, you’ll have a clear understanding of how these tools can be integrated to provide a robust, scalable, and resilient solution for your cloud-native applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seamless Integration: Learn how to integrate Edge Stack API Gateway and Buoyant Enterprise for Linkerd effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: Discover how to implement advanced features like rate limiting, retries, and timeouts.
  • Best Practices: Gain insights into best practices for building resilient systems and avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Service Mesh vs. API Gateway: Understand the complementary roles of service meshes and API gateways in your infrastructure.
  • Detailed Product Insights: Get comprehensive overviews of both products and how they enhance each other.

By attending this Tech Talk, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to optimize your infrastructure, ensuring it is resilient, reliable, and scalable. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts Flynn and Alice as they share their expertise and practical insights into the world of service meshes and API gateways.

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