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HashiCorp Unveils ILM Blueprint for Asia & Australia: Automate Cloud Infrastructure for Efficiency

Cut cloud costs and gain infrastructure control with HashiCorp’s Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) solutions.

This blog post dives into a recent webinar focused on helping operations teams in Asia and Australia leverage HashiCorp’s ILM offerings within The Infrastructure Cloud.

HashiCorp Infrastructure Cloud: The Event Details

The ILM Challenge: Building, Deploying, and Managing Efficient Cloud Infrastructure

Building and managing cloud infrastructure requires a cohesive strategy. Traditionally, this involves manual processes that can lead to errors, inconsistencies, and inefficient resource utilization. HashiCorp’s ILM tools address these challenges by providing a standardized, automated approach to infrastructure management across your entire cloud environment.

The HashiCorp ILM Blueprint

The webinar explores a proven blueprint for adopting The Infrastructure Cloud as part of your ILM strategy. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Infrastructure and Image as Code: Discover how to leverage HashiCorp Terraform and Packer to codify your infrastructure and machine image configurations. This enables automation, collaboration, and version control for greater consistency and efficiency.
  • Centralized System of Record: Gain a holistic view of your entire infrastructure with a central system of record. This empowers you to track and manage all resources effectively.
  • Lifecycle Management with Policy as Code and Health Checks: Implement automated policy enforcement and health assessments to govern your infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. This proactive approach helps mitigate risks and optimize resource utilization.
  • HashiCorp Cloud Platform: A Unified Development Platform for Infrastructure: Explore how the HashiCorp Cloud Platform provides a programmatic approach to infrastructure development and management. This streamlines workflows and facilitates a unified development experience.

Ready to take control of your cloud infrastructure?

HashiCorp’s ILM solutions empower operations teams to build, deploy, and manage infrastructure efficiently. By automating workflows, establishing a central system of record, and implementing lifecycle management tools, you can gain greater control and optimize your cloud environment.

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