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Advanced CI/CD for AWS using Pulumi and GitHub Actions

Ready to streamline your AWS deployments and ensure rock-solid infrastructure?

This free workshop on May 16th, 9:45 PM GMT+5:45 dives deep into advanced CI/CD practices for AWS using Pulumi and GitHub Actions. Taught with Pulumi Cloud, you’ll gain the skills to build robust and secure infrastructure pipelines, accelerating your development process.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Craft an Advanced CI Pipeline: Enforce compliance, identify and correct infrastructure drift, and ensure deployments are secure and reliable.
  • Manage Dynamic Credentials with Pulumi ESC: Learn to securely configure access for your deployments without hardcoding sensitive information.
  • Integrate Policy Checks: Test your infrastructure against defined policies before deployment, catching configuration issues early in the pipeline.
  • Automate Drift Detection: Set up a cron job to regularly scan for infrastructure changes outside your desired state.
  • Create Dedicated Review Environments: Implement isolated environments for code review and testing before pushing to production.

Bonus: The workshop provides code examples to help you put your learnings into practice on your AWS projects.


  • Basic understanding of AWS and cloud concepts
  • Familiarity with Git
  • A free Pulumi Cloud account – Sign up here

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your AWS infrastructure deployments to the next level! Register now!

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